Latest news

  • Cestore selected to Stings Incubate Deeptech program 2023

    We are very proud to announce that Cestore is selected to Stings Incubate Deeptech program this fall! Sting is the leading ecosystem in the Nordics for startups with high growth potential We are so excited to join the Sting Community on our journey to bring Cestore’s new ClimateTech solution out to the world!

  • Vote for Cestore in Startup 4 Climate 2023

    Right now Cestore participates in the Startup 4 Climate competition, open vote going on right now. The prize is SEK 2 million for two winners – money that would enable Cestore to take the first important steps in the technology development.

    Please vote for Cestore here – every vote counts!


Our solution is a new modular underwater system that removes carbon dioxide from the ocean to restore the carbon balance of nature.

About us

Cestore is a ClimateTech startup founded in Stockholm in the beginning of 2023.